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Know your enemy.  Fortunately, many contributors to these sites seem to think they are preaching to the choir and so they tend to be more honest about their beliefs and goals than when they speak/write for public” consumption.  As a result, you will find the content of these sites to be both entertaining and informative.

I am sure the following is not an exhaustive list, so please let me know (e-mail address is on home page) if you know of other local lefty links.


Local lefty links

Beaver Countian

This Is Our Story.  Lets Tell It Together.”  Appears to be a “one-man band” consisting of “John Paul,” a self-described “citizen journalist.”  This “citizen journalist’s” full name is John Paul Vranesevich.

Beaver County Blue

Beaver County Blue – Facebook version

Progressive Democrats of America – PA 12th (formerly 4th) Congressional District Chapter.  For info about its leadership, please go here.  On his Facebook wall, one leader wrote, Obamas never been a lefty.”  If BCB believed in truth in advertising, the name would be Beaver County Reds.

Beaver County Democrat Committee

Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee

Offshoot of PDA - PA 12th (formerly 4th) CD Chapter.  “BC-MAC (Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee) is a local, grassroots group that was formed in early 2010.  Our mission from the beginning was to uncover factual information regarding gas drilling in Western Pennsylvania-specifically in Beaver County.  Our goal is to inform the local public of Marcellus Shale gas drilling and to protect our natural environment in Beaver County.”

Beaver County Marcellus Shale Organizing Committee

Beaver County Marcellus Shale Organizing Committee – Facebook group

Offshoot of PDA - PA 12th (formerly 4th) CD Chapter.  “Group of concerned citizens organizing against the current lawless development of the Marcellus shale.  Our group is deicated [sic] to providing public awareness, protecting our constitutional rights, and preserving our current way of life.”  The goals of this group can be found here.  Another link for this group is here.

Beaver County Peace Links

Beaver County Peace Links – Facebook version

Offshoot of PDA - PA 12th (formerly 4th) CD Chapter.  Originally an offshoot of the now apparently defunct Beaver County Coalition for Social Justice.

Beaver County Times

Beaver County Young Democrats

Active during the 2008 campaign.  Now appears to be defunct.

Can We Afford It?

Offshoot of PDA - PA 12th (formerly 4th) CD Chapter.  “For a Peaceful World, for a Sustainable Economy.”

Carl Davidson - Facebook

For more links and info about Mr. Davidson, please go here.

Congressman Jason Altmire (D-PA4)

Official business

Congressman Jason Altmire (D-PA4)

Campaign website

New Deal Democrats

Despite the name, NDD appears to be a “one-man band” consisting of Stevan Drobac, Jr., Democrat candidate for representative of the PA 4th (now 12th) congressional district in 2002 and 2004, losing both times to Republican Melissa Hart.

Pennsylvania Young Democrats

Students for a Democratic Society - Pitt chapter

SDS is bigger in eastern PA (13 chapters) than in western PA (two chapters - IUP & Pitt) as of 8/2/10, including some high school chapters.

Thomas Merton Center

“Pittsburgh’s Peace and Social Justice Center”

Western PA Coalition for Single-Payer Healthcare

Translation: “Western PA Coalition for” government-run, taxpayer-funded healthcare monopoly.

Young Democrats of Allegheny County



National lefty links

Americans for Democrat Action

“ADA is America’s most experienced independent liberal lobbying organization.”


“Progressive news, Progressive commerce, Progressive advocacy”

Center for American Progress

This group of “progressives” “dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action” claims to be a “nonpartisan organization.”

Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS)

Originally a splinter group of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).  Local lefty Carl Davidson (See above.) is a co-chair and Randy & Tina Shannon (Leaders of the local chapter of Progressive Democrats of America.) are members of the CCDS national coordinating committee.  CCDS also publishes at CCDS-Discussion.org and CCDSLinks.

Communist Party USA

“Founded in 1919, the Communist Party USA has championed the struggles for democracy, labor rights, women’s equality, racial justice and peace for ninety years.”  Yeah, how did that “peace” thing work out with the USSR, Red China, North Korea, et cetera?

Daily Kos

I don’t know if it’s correct, but I pronounce “Kos” the same as I do “chaos” because it seems appropriate.

Democracy for America

According to the DFA website, “Governor Howard Dean founded Democracy for America in 2004.”  Yes, this Howard Dean.  DFA is also on Facebook.  As a reminder, true democracy is mob rule.

Democrat Party

“For more than 200 years, Democrats have represented the interests of working families, fighting for equal opportunities and justice for all Americans,” except for that minor slavery thing, close ties to the KKK, forcing Japanese Americans and others into internment camps, filibustering civil rights bills, et cetera.

Democrat Underground

“Democratic Underground (DU) was founded on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2001, to protest the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush and to provide a resource for the exchange and dissemination of liberal and progressive ideas.”


Refers to itself as “The aggressive progressives!”

Media Matters for America

Leftist counterpart to NewsBusters.


Refers to itself as “Democracy in Action.”  Founded by then-President Bill Clinton supporters who wanted us to “move on” from (soft pedal) the scandals, particularly the impeachment trial resulting from the Lewinsky affair.

Online University of the Left (on Facebook)

Founded by Carl Davidson (see above).  “Why a Marxist School?  Karl Marx's ideas are a common touchstone for many people working for change.  His historical materialism, his many contributions to political economy and class analysis, all continue to serve his core values--the self-emancipation of the working class and a vision of a classless society.  There are naturally many trends in Marxism that have developed over the years, and new ones are on the rise today.  All of them and others who want to see this project succeed are welcome here.”

People For the American Way

If this group believed in truth in advertising, they would have named themselves “People for the Progressive Way.”

Progressive Democrats of America

Keep in mind “progressive” is leftyspeak for regressive, unless you believe increasing government control over your life is progressive.

Republican Bigotry Hate Fear Lies and Distortion

“Educating America by exposing Republicans daily …”  It’s both educational and entertaining, but I don’t know which is funnier/sadder, that these folks spend their time writing this stuff or the fact they actually seem to believe it.

Students for a Democratic Society

Aka “new SDS.”  Reincarnation of the sixties SDS with help from “old SDS” members.

Tea Party Tracker.org

“TeaPartyTracker.Org monitors racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement.  We call on the Tea Party to repudiate extremists among their ranks and join in civil dialogue with all Americans.”  Set up by the NAACP with other leftist organizations in 2010, the site now appears defunct or undergoing maintenance.

Tides Foundation

“Supporting Progressive social change”

Working Family Radio Network

The website is also called “TheUnionEdge.com, Labor’s Talk Radio.”  As is frequently the case with lefties, “Working Family” really means labor-union family.

Young Democrats of America



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