Boston’s “Free Speech Rally”

August 19, 2017

This page was last updated on September 15, 2017.

Take a look at some alleged video of Boston’s “Free Speech Rally” of 8/19/2017.  Where is the mob of “fascist,” hateful, KKK, Nazi, violent, and white-supremacist attendees?  Are they hiding behind the Indian speaker and a few black attendees?  Are they hiding behind the attendees with signs saying “Black Lives Do Matter?”  There were only a few dozen attendees.  Also, take a look at the “Boston Free Speech” Facebook site.

There’s also video of the police escorting a guy wearing a “Stop White Genocide” t-shirt from the rally site because he was not welcome there.

Carl Davidson (KD) wrote, “THIS IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO DEAL WITH FASCISTS...Although whatever seems to work best for you is better than no opposition at all.”  The photo with KD’s posting was of his fellow travelers fighting the police, not KD’s “FASCISTS.”  As for KD’s “FASCISTS,” it appears they were not fascists at all and there were only a few dozen of themAccording to the Boston Globe, “‘Excuse me,’ one man in the counterprotest innocently asked a Globe reporter. ‘Where are the white supremacists?’”

There’s such a huge discrepancy between what was reported and what I saw, it reminds me of “Baghdad Bob.”  The main speaker in the video was a dark-skinned, India-born immigrant and a few attendees were black.  Both black and white attendees held “Black Lives Do Matter” signs while others held signs saying “No to GMO’s – Stop Monsanto.”  Despite all of this, politicians, “reporters,” and talking-heads kept talking about how the rally was to support the KKK, Nazis, “white supremacy,” and so on.  Part of the problem may have been the police kept the media out of the rally zone.  Why did the Mayor want the press kept out of the rally zone and why didn’t the press scream bloody murder?

Here are a few examples:

“Couldn’t be more proud of #Boston today. Peaceful, moral, resistant. That is our city and Commonweath. TY, @bostonpolice, for your respect.” – Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) via tweet of 8/19/2017 @ 4:17pm.

[RWC] “Peaceful, moral?”  What’s Mr. Markey smoking?  According to the Boston Globe, “Skirmishes continued into the afternoon as the main force of counterprotesters disbanded.  Shortly before 4 p.m., Boston police reported that rocks were being thrown at officers on Tremont Street.  Moments earlier, the department asked people to refrain from throwing ‘urine, bottles, and other harmful projectiles at our officers.’”

“I’m really impressed.  We probably had 40,000 people out here, standing tall against hatred and bigotry in our city, and that’s a good feeling.” - Police Commissioner William Evans during a 4:40pm press conference.

“We had a job to do.  We did a great job.  I’m not going to listen to people who come in here and want to talk about hate.  And you know what?  If they didn’t get in, that’s a good thing because their message isn’t what we want to hear.” – Mr. Evans responding to a report the police stopped some speakers from getting into the rally zone.

[RWC] It appears Mr. Evans isn’t familiar with the First Amendment.

It looks like someone snookered us.  Either the Free Speech Coalition went to great lengths to fool us, including building a faux Facebook site going back months, or we’ve been fake-newsed again. 

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