Donald Trump Pittsburgh Rally

April 13, 2016

This page was last updated on September 18, 2017.

“THE PITTSBURGH YOUNG ‘PRECARIAT’ gives Trump a proper greeting.”  So wrote Carl Davidson (KD).  Apparently, KD’s idea of “a proper greeting” is for his fellow travelers to attack Pittsburgh Police officers trying to keep people from getting hurt.  Details follow below.

If you follow the Facebook version of “The Bird’s Eye View,” you may recall I covered this topic when it took place in April 2016.  I recently found myself referring to this event enough that I added this version to make it available to non-Facebook users.

Referring to a video he posted of anti-Trump demonstrators confronting people attending the Trump rally at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on 4/13/16, KD of Beaver County Reds wrote, “THE PITTSBURGH YOUNG ‘PRECARIAT’ gives Trump a proper greeting. Two things are notable. The clarity of the young women, Black and white. Then a ‘producerist vs parasite’ right wing populism and jingoism from the other side.”

You’ll note KD capitalized “Black” but not “white” in the previous paragraph.  It was intentional.  According to KD, he “learned of WEB DuBois’ long battle with the media of his day to capitalize ‘Negro’ and ‘Black’, because these referred to a distinct people and thus required the capital letter.”  If black refers “to a distinct people,” why doesn’t white?  The answer is spelled p-a-n-d-e-r-i-n-g.

For those like me unfamiliar with the word ‘PRECARIAT,’ it’s another class or grievance/victim group for lefties to exploit to divide and conquer “We the People.”  According to Wikipedia, “Precarity is a precarious existence, lacking in predictability, job security, material or psychological welfare.  The social class defined by this condition has been termed the precariat.”

I don’t know exactly when, but sometime before 10/7/16, it appears KD eventually decided it was a bad political idea to have a “paper trail” of his support for violence against Pittsburgh Police officers.  As a result, KD deleted his “proper greeting” post.

Neither side should be proud of their behavior.  That said, who forced the confrontation?  Like them or not, the Trump supporters were there simply to attend an indoor rally.  Unless you think Trumpers were going to go on a post-rally rampage through downtown, they weren’t looking for a confrontation with anyone.  That was the same for the postponed Trump rally in Chicago.

On the other hand, Berners/Hills sought confrontation.  The only reason for Berners/Hills to be there was to disrupt the rally.  KD and his like can claim otherwise all they want, but anyone with more than half a brain knows what is likely to happen when you throw hundreds of demonstrators at a group of people they oppose.  These people got the violence they hoped for.  The only problem for them was those arrested for violence – against the police, no less - were Berners/Hills, not Trumpers.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Trumpers were not arrested because the police department of a city run by Democrats for more than 80 years supports Donald Trump. <g>

According to CBS News,

“At the Convention Center, protesters blocked the main entrance inside, and police had to form a line to allow his supporters in through another entrance.”  The media despises Donald Trump, yet the reporter made it clear the Berners/Hills were the ones looking for trouble.  In two tweets the reporter described the Berners/Hills as “V[ery] contentious” and “aggressive.”  One of those tweets also showed a clip of two Berners/Hills berating a Trumper who just took it and stood there silent.

According to KDKA-TV,

“… several officers were working a ‘skirmish line’ between Trump supporters and ‘anarchist members in masks’ and protesters.  At one point the anarchists/protesters began using pepper spray on the officers while trying to get to the Trump supporters. At least two officers were pepper-sprayed. One of those officers was also allegedly kicked in the back of the knees by Kennon Hooper, 31, of West Oakland. The officer fell to the ground and was kicked once more by Hooper.

“Hooper resisted arrest, but was forcibly handcuffed.

“A female protester jumped on the back of an officer while they were trying to arrest Hooper.  That woman has been identified as Lisa Cuyler, 27, of Polish Hill, and she was detained without incident.

“While that was happening, a man wearing a black mask and black hat grabbed the protective vest of a police sergeant and attempted to fight him.  A female officer attempted to take the man into custody, but he resisted. Both fell to the ground and the officer suffered a cut to her hand and an injury to her shoulder. The suspect was eventually taken into custody and has been identified as Maxwell Yearick, 29, of Perry South.

“All three suspects were taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

“Hooper and Yearick are facing charges of riot, aggravated assault and resisting arrest.  Cuyler is being charged with riot and aggravated assault.

“Meanwhile, four officers were treated at the scene by medics.”

Let’s sum things up.  Three “peaceful” Berners/Hills were arrested for attacking four Pittsburgh Police officers.  Zero “violent” Trumpers were arrested.

How many Clinton and Sanders rallies have been disrupted in a similar manner by Trumpers?

Let’s conclude this with a little humor.  In a thread that led off mentioning another class or grievance/victim group (‘PRECARIAT’) for lefties to exploit to divide and conquer “We the People,” KD later wrote, “Trump … manipulates them into fighting ‘the other’ by giving voice to it. Divide and rule, old as the hills …”  Chutzpa, thy name is KD.

Here’s an update.  While searching again today (4/16/16) for reports of Trumpers arrested for violence at the rally (I found none.), I ran across a story entitled “Eyewitness: Pittsburgh mass actions against Donald Trump” published by Liberation News (LN), self-described as “the newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL).”  The alleged “Eyewitness” wrote, “There was no message of violence, but true to form the police set up a barricade and lined up with their backs to the fascists after arresting some protesters for disrupting traffic.”

While the “Eyewitness” wrote of “some protesters [allegedly arrested] for disrupting traffic,” he apparently missed three of his little angels getting arrested for attacking Pittsburgh Police officers trying to keep people – both anti- and pro-Trump supporters - from getting hurt.  Why did LN and the author feel the need to mislead their readers?

Note: I support Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), not Donald Trump.  I went through this exercise because this will be how these folks attack the Republican candidate whoever he turns out to be.

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