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Nation in Distress; Carl Davidson (KD); Facebook; July 14, 2018.

You can learn more about BCR’s leftster management here.  “Leftster” is the combination of leftist and gangster, inspired by the left-originated “bankster.”

Carl Davidson 7/14/18 @ 6:27pm: “Now who is ‘Nation in Distress’?  A cover for [sic]  Who are they?  We don’t know.  But THE ENDURANCE INTERNATIONAL GROUP, INC. in MASSACHUSETTS, which has 4000 employees churning these things out, and provides them with a server, won’t tell you either.  They will inform you, however, that any information from business you do with them will be ‘exchanged across borders.’”

[RWC] I never heard of “Nation in Distress” (NID) or “America’s Freedom Fighters” (AFF) until this post.  AFF isn’t much of a cover; the contact info on the NID Facebook About page refers to http://www.americasfreedomfighters.comAFF also has a Facebook page.

In contrast, Progressive Democrats of America – PA 12th Congressional District Chapter [aka Beaver County Blue, aka Beaver County Reds (BCR)] has interlocking directorate-like relationships with several local leftist groups they tend not to mention.

KD appears to claim Endurance International Group’s (EIG) business is to produce the content for websites and Facebook pages for outfits like AFF and NID but didn’t say how he knows.

As far as I can tell, EIG is simply a web hosting business like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Wild West Domains (WWD), and so on.  I didn’t find anything to suggest EIG’s “4000 employees” are the content provider for groups like AFF and NID.  According to EIG, “Millions [5,000,000+] of small business owners across the United States and around the globe rely on Endurance to fuel their online presence and connect them with customers everywhere.  They’re the mom-and-pop shops, home businesses, and young start-ups that drive our economy.  And they drive us, too.”  While EIG is the registrant and/or registrar for the domain name, that doesn’t mean EIG produces any of the content for AFF and NID.

WWD, “a wholly-owned subsidiary of GoDaddy Inc.,” is the registrant/registrar for the domain name and probably provides BCR with server space as well.  That said, since KD allegedly ran his own computer business, BCR may opt for running its own server.  I’ll go out on limb and guess WWD doesn’t provide the content for BCR, however.

KD says EIG won’t tell us who AFF is.  No kidding.  No serious business is going to discuss details of its business partners with anyone, let alone political activists.  If someone had asked KD for what he knew about his computer business’ customers, does anyone believe KD would have complied?

I don’t know what the final sentence in KD’s post means.

Finally, below are some excerpts from the post’s comment thread, but you should read the entire thread

Sheldon Baker 7/14/18 @ 6:59pm:So are you saying this is from a Russian operation?  How is it any different than what our own reactionaries produce?

Carl Davidson 7/14/18 @ 7:27pm: “I don’t know the source on this one, they hide it.  Several I’ve traced back to Albania.  But yes, it’s not all that different from what our own fascists come up with.  That quality is sometimes better.  One difference, though, is they’ll also work the other side, spreading sham pro-Bernie memes with unjust attacks on HRC.”

[RWC] I don’t know what KD means by “they hide it.”  If KD means a “whois” domain query doesn’t identify the registrant, that’s also true for KD’s

Sheldon Baker 7/14/18 @ 7:34pm:Interesting.  I just think its [sic] ironic that people get their feathers ruffled over Russian agit-prop but seem less concerned about the wealthy and the right-wing propaganda that is purely home grown.  The latter I think is more dangerous because it is home grown and has is own organic home base in actual people and social forces.

Carl Davidson 7/14/18 @ 7:36pm: “The point is that Putin’s policy is to reinforce the homegrown rightwing populists, not only here but in every European country.”

Karen Lee Wald 7/14/18 @ 11:13pm:I don’t understand.  You’re saying that right wing ad comes from Russia? What would be the objective?

Carl Davidson 7/15/18 @ 7:59am: “Perhaps not this one particular ad, but thousands more like it.  Why is Putin backing rightwing populism in every European country?  That’s a fact.  Why here?  Because he wants to smash the ‘liberal humanitarian’ US interventionism like HRC’s plots in Ukraine, Syria, and Libya, and replace it with a compliant Trump’s ‘America Firstism’.  Putin is not the Soviet Union of the past.  That’s gone, and if you don’t get it out of your head, you can’t understand the world these days.  He loves white nationalism.  He is trying to build a new international bloc, with him as the head and Trump as a junior partner, based on white nationalism in Europe and here, replacing all the old post-WW2 structures.”

Carl Davidson 7/15/18 @ 8:28am: “Here’s a recent Russian meme, Karen Lee Wald … And it’s popular among some Obama-to Trump workers I know.,w_585/fl_lossy,q_auto/170908-Russia-meme-gal-07_dlqqf6

Karen Lee Wald 7/15/18 @ 4:39pm:As an SDS member of the 1960s New Left, I never was a great follower of the Soviet Union, so I don’t have any old baggage to worry about, and I never read anything that gave me a positive impression of Putin as an individual.  But I’m having a hard time making sense out of pushing blatantly rightwing messages.

Carl Davidson 7/15/18 @ 4:59pm: “That’s because you don’t see Putin for what he is, a rightwing white nationalist.  It makes perfect sense for him to push pro-Trump rightwing messages, pro-LePen and all the rest of them.”

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