Carl Davidson – 11/10/18


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Look What Socialist China Came Up With; Carl Davidson (KD); Facebook; November 10, 2018.

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Carl Davidson 11/10/18 @ 4:55pm: “LOOK WHAT SOCIALIST CHINA CAME UP WITH while we were trying to choose from among 100 varieties of bottled water, with the water in them more expensive than gasoline.  H/T to Bill Gates...”

[RWC] I have to guess KD didn’t read the subject blog or hopes his followers don’t.

If you read Bill Gates’ blog, you find “WHAT SOCIALIST CHINA CAME UP WITH” was being host “for the Reinvented Toilet Expo.”  Of the six systems, four were from U.S.-based entities while the other two were from the U.K. and Switzerland.

Red China does have toilet troubles, however.  “In April 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a ‘toilet revolution’ - an all-out war on unhygienic bathroom conditions at tourist attractions.”

Here’s a rhetorical question.  Would you rather be in a country where “we were trying to choose from among 100 varieties of bottled water …,” or one struggling to fix “unhygienic bathroom conditions at tourist attractions?”

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