Carl Davidson – 12/27/18


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One Chart, 10,000 Words [about Medicare for All]; Carl Davidson (KD); Facebook; December 27, 2018.

KD describes himself on Facebook as a “Truthseeker, Changemaker, Student of The Way, Pilgrim on the Road.”

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Carl Davidson 12/27/18 @ 9:14am:ONE CHART, 10,000 WORDS.  Pass it on …”

[RWC] The post links to the chart “Why the American People Support Medicare for All.”  I don’t know the original source of the chart, but it appears to be based on the results of a Reuters/Ipsos poll that covered three topics, Medicare, college tuition, and ICE.

The Medicare-for-All (MfA) question was, “Would you support or oppose … a policy of Medicare for All (When it comes to the U.S. healthcare system)?”  Since there is no indication those polled were given any idea of the alleged benefits and the alleged price, how were they supposed to give an informed response?  The results are meaningless except for the propaganda effect on those of us who don’t ask questions.

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