Lon Valentine – 9/9/18


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County Republican Party needs racist repellant; Lon Valentine (LV); Beaver County Times; September 9, 2018.

In the May 15, 2018, general primary, LV won the position of Democrat “COMMITTEEMAN DAUGHERTY TWP 2  (Prec-1502)” with 84 votes (100%).  That’s usually something the author or BCT would disclose.

Below is a review of the subject letter.

“The spotlight is on Beaver County again, this time starring Carla Maloney’s virulent vitriol as a member of the Beaver County Republican Committee.

[RWC] The committee’s correct name is “Republican Committee of Beaver County” (RCBC).

“Its chairman, Chip Kohser, displayed a mastery of cognitive dissonance by knowingly allowing Maloney and her racist views to represent the Beaver County Republican Committee, while later stating that Maloney’s views aren’t the views of the GOP.  To paraphrase Proverbs, ‘You are the company you keep.’”

[RWC] LV appears to claim Carla Maloney (CM) made her comments as Secretary of the RCBC.  It’s my understanding CM’s comments were personal, not as the RCBC Secretary.  It doesn’t excuse the comments or Chip Kohser (CK) not telling the rest of the RCBC, but there’s a big difference between personal comments and those made as a committee member.

“Commissioners Daniel Camp and Sandie Egley and state Rep. Jim Christiana at least called for Chairman Kosher’s [sic] resignation as well.  Why are Republican state representatives Jim Marshall and Aaron Bernstine and state Sen. Elder Vogel Jr. silent?  Do they rely on the support of those who share Maloney’s beliefs?”

[RWC] According to the BCT, at least one (Aaron Bernstine, R-10) of those LV listed as “silent” was among those who pushed for Mr. Kohser to resign.  Further, just because Messrs. Marshall and Vogel didn’t run for the nearest microphone doesn’t mean they weren’t involved.

“Beaver County is overdue for a change, and the Republican Party is in need of racist repellant.

“Which term best fits these people who claim to be Republicans and hold these views?  Unrepentant?  Repulsive?  Reprehensible?  Repugnant?  Try any on for size and repudiate those Republicans.  Beaver County is great place, but can be so much better without them.”

[RWC] I wonder if LV remembers why Beaver County state reps went from almost all Democrats for decades to almost all Republicans overnight.

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