Jim Hinton – 8/30/18


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America needs more leaders like John McCain; Jim Hinton; Beaver County Times; August 30, 2018.

I believe Mr. Hinton began his letter-writing in March 2009 with “We should keep an eye on Limbaugh.”  Some subsequent letters were “AP article got health care right,” “Put the blame where it belongs,” “Fox News shows its real priorities,” “Get facts straight before criticizing,” “Tax dollars can’t be used for abortion,” “Making money while hurting nation,” “Will marriage change Limbaugh?”, “Don’t know much about history,” and “Conservative media manufactures issues.”

Below is a detailed critique of the subject letter.

“Thank you, John McCain.  Your life of courage and dedication to our county [sic] is unprecedented.  Your constant desire to always do the right thing for our country, rather than for yourself or your party, is the epitome of a true patriot.”

[RWC] JH believes this about as much as Thomas Finch.

You’ll find this letter isn’t about Sen. John McCain (JM; R-AZ); it’s about bashing the Republican Party and President Trump (R).

“You risked your life for our country.  You endured pain and solitary confinement.  Your [sic] endured ridicule from your own party.  You did it all with dignity and respect for everyone.  You truly are an American hero.”

[RWC] What “ridicule from [his] own party?”  JM was the 2008 Republican nominee for president.  Did JM and the Republican Party agree on every policy?  Of course not; no one does.  That’s not ridicule, however.

You can find real ridicule during the 2008 campaign.  Obama supporters made fun of the way JM held his arms and that he didn’t use computers very much.  Both of those problems were the result of injuries JM acquired after his plane was shot down during the Vietnam War and no/poor medical treatment from the North Vietnamese.

“We all should respect and honor you.  The president’s lack of respect for you shows how small and self-centered he is.

“Thank you John McCain, for all you have done.  We need more people like you.”

[RWC] I don’t believe JM believes one word of the final paragraph. 

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