Thomas M. Finch – 7/1/18


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Don’t believe what Republicans are selling; Thomas M. Finch; Beaver County Times; July 1, 2018.

The BCT has published at least 54 letters from Mr. Finch (TMF) since December 2004.  At least 31 of these letters were anti-Bush and/or anti-Republican and they never disappoint.  Here is one example.  You can find the remaining Finch letters I critiqued in the critique archives.  As usual, this letter is little more than a string of leftist talking points.  I wish he could get a regular column in the BCT.  I also wish he could get at least five minutes per day on a local radio and/or TV station.  The most recent Finch letters I reviewed were “Trump got played; America got nothing,” “Truth may be disagreeable, but it’s not ‘fake news,’” “How can we support such an inept president,” “‘Trumpcare’ means lousy coverage, higher premiums” and “Trump doesn’t deserve to be admired, supported.”

Below is a review of the subject letter.

“It’s not even July yet, and already we’re being subjected to all manners of insult and subversion to undermine any Democrat running for office.”

[RWC] It is “even July yet.”  Yeah, that was a cheap shot.  Writers usually don’t know when their letter will be published.

And Republican candidates aren’t “being subjected to all manners of insult and subversion to undermine” their campaigns?  Sure.

“‘Lamb the sham … ’  Really?  The lie that U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb is a ‘puppet for Nancy Pelosi ...’ does not address the fact that Rep. Keith Rothfus is so firmly attached to Trump’s coattails, he will support his every lunacy with nary a word of question.  Let’s mine clean coal and rebuild the steel mills.  Really?  If you missed Johnathan [sic] Douds excellent letter of June 21, I suggest all you conservative Faux News ‘Trumpsters’ go re-read it.  It lays out a veritable litany of why Rothfus belongs on the scrap heap of political history.”

[RWC] You would think TMF could at least spell JD’s name correctly.

You don’t “mine clean coal.”  “Clean coal” refers to processes used to minimize the pollution generated by burning coal. “Clean coal” also refers to processes that convert coal to syngas (mostly hydrogen and carbon monoxide) for subsequent burning.

“No one can sensibly agree that America has been made better by Trump’s self-serving bullying, and his narcissistic compulsion to deny any who dare question him.  Rothfus is part of the group of GOP enablers who allow him to get away with every manner of malfeasance and treachery.

[RWC] Yet TMF didn’t give us an example of President Trump’s ability “to get away with every manner of malfeasance and treachery.”  Perhaps there are so many TMF couldn’t choose only one. <g>

I must confess was one of what TMF calls “gullible, one-issue voters,” except my “one-issue” was the Supreme Court.  As long as DT keeps getting Supreme Court nominees like Justice Gorsuch confirmed, I’ll consider his presidency a success.

“As for letter writer Paul Strano’s supposedly pro-life diatribe, I will readily admit to being a Trump-hate r— I’m proud of it — because the man has no redeeming social value.  Like former U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, the GOP claims to be pro-life only when the lie gets your gullible, one-issue voters.  You brand Democrats baby killers, but support a government that only serves the wealthy and does nothing to aid helpless children after they are born.  Go ahead; believe the GOP lies.”

[RWC] TMF omitted the part about the House Republican leaders deciding to have the House Ethics Committee investigate the allegations, and then asking Mr. Murphy to resign – which he did - after this and other issues became known.

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