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This section covers editorials, letters to the editor, opinion columns, and faux press releases on politician web sites.  Do not assume I agree with an editorial or other op-ed piece just because I don’t publish a critique.

I also submit letters to the editor.  There are limitations of that approach, however, and they include:

  • Out of necessity, newspapers place a limit on letter size.  For example, the Beaver County Times has a limit of 200 words.  Most other newspapers have a similar limit.  The problem with the limit is that thorough discussion of a topic is tough to do in 200 words or less, especially when trying to refute “drive-by” assertions.  The letter-length limit is even tougher to deal with when you want to include excerpts of a piece for context so the reader knows exactly what you are talking about.

  • There is no guarantee the newspaper will publish your letter.

  • Newspapers occasionally edit significant content in your letter.

  • Some newspapers limit the number of your letters they will publish in a given period of time.  For example, I believe the Beaver County Times has a limit of 12 letters per year.  I believe other papers have lower limits.  In 2014, the BCT either ditched that limit or made a huge exception for Oren Spiegler.  By my count, the BCT published at least 25 Spiegler letters in 2014.  Mr. Spiegler and/or the BCT dialed things back a bit in 2015; the BCT published only 15 Spiegler letters.

  • The papers generally provide the letter title, and sometimes the title is misleading.

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Beaver County Times

During mid-September 2011, the BCT quit writing its own editorials.  It since restarted and now publishes a mix of in-house and outsourced editorials.    
Our View: Times joins nationwide call to action to defend attacks on journalists as ‘enemy of the American people’ August 16, 2018  

Letters to the editor Author  
So-called ‘socialist’ programs have benefitted many Thomas Finch March 1, 2019
Green New Deal offers jobs, climate protection Carl Davidson January17, 2019
Opposing Trump’s wall is a noble endeavor Thomas Finch February 4, 2019
Democrats want immigration reform, not a wall Thomas Finch January 11, 2019
Senate, GOP needs more leaders like Romney Oren Spiegler January 7, 2019
Trump’s wall is just another of his boondoggles Jayne Berresford January 6, 2019
J. D. Prose
It was a good run, but this column’s over August 18, 2013  
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Letters to the editor Author  
Gene Collier: Socialism serves fans and billionaires well Gene Collier February 6, 2011


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

For U.S. Senate: DO NOT Elect Casey ... October 14, 2012  
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Letters to the editor Author  



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