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Senate, GOP needs more leaders like Romney; Oren M. Spiegler (OMS); Beaver County Times; January 7, 2019.

Mr. Spiegler is such a prolific letter writer the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review gave him a little tribute back in 2003.  Google “Oren M. Spiegler” and you’ll get more hits than you know what to do with.  Unfortunately, prolific is not a synonym for competent.  Mr. Spiegler claims to be a Republican.  In my critique of “Breathing more freely,” I cited reasons why I was “beginning to believe Mr. Spiegler is simply another Republican impersonator,” but he sealed the deal with “Greatest foreign policy debacle.”  Subsequent letters provided more confirmation.  The group of local Republican impersonators also includes Messrs. William A. Alexander, Arthur Brown, Edward J. Hum, Bill Ralston, and George Reese, all claiming to be disgruntled Republicans.  While he has previously claimed to be a Republican, this appears to be the first time Mr. Spiegler claimed to be a registered Republican in a BCT letter.  If true, Mr. Spiegler joins Mr. Hum in going the extra mile to further his impersonation of a Republican.

ALERT!  Though I missed it by several months, Mr. Spiegler finally did the honorable thing and ended his charade and deregistered as a Republican.

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The BCT has or had a limit of 12 letters per writer per year.  In 2014, the BCT either ditched that limit or made a huge exception for Mr. Spiegler.  By my count, the BCT published at least 25 Spiegler letters in 2014.  Mr. Spiegler and/or the BCT dialed things back a bit in 2015; the BCT published 15 Spiegler letters in 2015, 10 in 2016, 21 in 2017, and 12 in 2018.  This letter appears to be OMS’ first of 2019.

Below is a review of the subject letter.

“At a time in which many American patriots have wondered who within the Republican Party will now be present in Congress to challenge the president for the destruction that he has inflicted on our nation, its character, and our values, we have the good fortune to be at the dawn of the congressional leadership of Mitt Romney, who is now the junior senator from Utah.”

[RWC] OMS is one of those guys who writes something nice about a Republican only when the Republican is attacking another OMS opposes, or after the Republican is dead.  An example is OMS’ letter about George H.W. BushOMS treated John McCain (JM) similarly.  In his at least 169 letters to the BCT since July 11, 2006, in only two did OMS refer to Mitt Romney (MR).

In his letter of January 5, 2012, OMS wrote, “It appears that after the dust settles, the likeable, genial Mitt Romney will be the nominee, in part because he is seen as electable.  Romney could win, but I have little doubt that he would serve in the presidency as a nominal Republican, one in the mold of George H. W. Bush, and it is telling that Romney has captured the endorsement of this President Bush.”

When JM and MR started bashing DT during the 2016 primary, they “acted as patriots and statesmen.”

Should MR run for president again in 2020 and defeat President Trump (DT) in the primary, you can bet OMS will vote for the Democrat.

Romney’s recent Washington Post opinion piece is a tour de force, a throwing down of the gauntlet to an abnormal and amoral president.  It is no wonder that many members of what has become the Trumpublican Party are expressing concerns.

“While expressing support for many of Donald Trump’s policies and actions, Romney challenges Trump for his actions, hateful words and deficient character, noting how he has used his victory to engage in name-calling and resentment, and promises to continue speaking out against conduct which is ‘divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions,’ all of which are Trump hallmarks.

“We now have reason to believe that the president’s expectation that he will have another ‘yes man’ in the senator from Utah will not be reality.”

[RWC] It appears OMS thinks MR will vote against “many of Donald Trump’s policies and actions” MR supports just because he dislikes DT’s “style.”  I hope MR isn’t that petty, though I sympathize with him.

 “May Sen. Romney continue to display the courage and decency, the adherence to American values, which is evident in his essay.  We need more like him.”

[RWC] The second MR votes in a way OMS doesn’t like, MR will become a DT “yes man.”

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