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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) Robin Cox
So-called ‘socialist’ programs have benefitted many Thomas Finch
Green New Deal offers jobs, climate protection Carl Davidson
Opposing Trump’s wall is a noble endeavor Thomas Finch
Trump Watching Too Many Movies Carl Davidson
Democrats want immigration reform, not a wall Thomas Finch
Instant Analysis: My Two Cents [President Trump speech] Carl Davidson
Senate, GOP needs more leaders like Romney Oren Spiegler
Trump’s wall is just another of his boondoggles Jayne Berresford
One Chart, 10,000 Words [about Medicare for All] Carl Davidson
One Chart, 10,000 Words. Today’s Terrain for the Green New Deal Carl Davidson
Time to wake up Thomas Finch
Listen and Learn Carl Davidson
The Smear of Brett Kavanaugh Robin Cox
Three Cheers for Mars! Carl Davidson
US agents fire tear gas … Carl Davidson
Who’s the ‘dummy’ now? Carl Davidson
My Dad Was Proud Of His Service Carl Davidson
Look What Socialist China Came Up With Carl Davidson
Local Instant Summary Carl Davidson
Kavanaugh Should Just Throw in the Towel Carl Davidson
Just because Trump Doesn’t Understand Things … Carl Davidson

Ask Attorney Bernie: Non-judicial temperament vs. righteous indignation

Bernard Rabik

Beaver County pipeline explosion: how to prevent future catastrophes


If we were attacked today, who would support us?

Don Dreyer

Draft-dodging Trump made issue of peaceful protest

Joseph McWilliams

County Republican Party needs racist repellant

Lon Valentine

Support candidates who actually denounce racism

Elizabeth Lennox

Letter: Rothfus has done nothing; Lamb deserves a chance

Thomas Finch

America needs more leaders like John McCain

Jim Hinton

Assault rifles are an assault on what matters

Stephen Kislock

Our View: Times joins nationwide call to action to defend attacks on journalists as ‘enemy of the American people’

BCT editorial

Cracker plant exploits region for profits

Terrie Baumgardner

Shell cracker plant will bring pollutants

Nora Johnson

Mayor thanked for standing up for families

Grace DuBois

Nation in Distress

Carl Davidson

Fierce but futile battle ahead over Trump nominee

Oren Spiegler

I Have One Question for Kavanaugh

Carl Davidson

What to Do When the Next Big Crash Comes?

Carl Davidson

Don’t believe what Republicans are selling

Thomas Finch

What type of nominee will Trump select?

Oren Spiegler

Unions fought to improve the lives of the middle class

Mike Cicconi

Boston’s “Free Speech Rally”

Robin Cox

Charlottesville, VA

Robin Cox

Donald Trump Pittsburgh Rally

Robin Cox

What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?

Robin Cox

The Myth of Lincoln and Marx

Robin Cox

Bernie Sanders - 5 percenter

Robin Cox

“News:” A Beaver County Times (BCT) cover-up?

Robin Cox

Religious Freedom Laws

Robin Cox

Obamacare - King v. Burwell

Robin Cox

Obamacare - National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius

Robin Cox

Ferguson, MO (update)

Robin Cox

Rep. Jesse White (D-46), Ashley Jackson, and I

Robin Cox

Limited Government and Traffic Roundabouts

Robin Cox

Gold Star family story

Jim Quinn

Patriotism redefined

Robin Cox

Entrepreneurs, innovators, pioneers, and hard-working individuals who asked only for freedom tamed and developed western Pennsylvania.  Today, the region is home to self-pitying sheep who blame everyone else for their situation.  They believe government is a white knight to rescue them.  We fought against communism and socialism in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War, yet far too many of us believe socialism is the answer.  Our ancestors must be turning over in their graves.

For things to change, we must change.  Quoting Benjamin Franklin, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”1

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1. Similar quotes are attributed to a number of people, including Albert Einstein, and a Chinese proverb.

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